Frequently asked questions

Is there any religious training?
No, because the Progressive is a non-sectarian preschool. Children of all faiths are welcome. We do not espouse any particular creed, though we do believe in respect for every living being and acceptance of individual beliefs. We feel that religious holidays and holy days are deeply enriching in the lives of young children and that they hold more meaning in a family setting or house of worship.

What will my child be doing while at school?
Plenty! There will be centers for kids to explore, which could include dramatic play, art, music, science, cooking, math, and reading; there will be a healthy dose of outdoor play, including nature walks and gardening. Circle time will be an opportunity for children to come together and join in collectively to participate in songs, dance, fingerplays, stories and other fun activities.

Will my child receive any academic preparation?
Through play and discovery learning, your child will learn the developmental skills he or she needs for readiness in literacy, mathematics, and the sciences. It is part of our philosophy that preschool is the best place for children to develop their creativity, social and problem-solving skills and make sense of the world around them in a safe, supportive, open environment. Within developmentally appropriate practices throughout the classroom, children acquire a sound foundation for kindergarten, where they will learn their academics.